Flood Services

Let's face it — the National Flood Insurance Program is a complex government program. Whether your issue or concerns is with flood insurance, flood maps or the floodplain regulations, U.S. Flood Solutions, LLC is uniquely qualified to assist our clients with a variety of flood insurance and floodplain related tasks from the earliest thoughts of a building or renovation project to assisting clients with flood-prone development and construction services. You may have just received a bill in the mail for flood insurance, or you may have inadvertently failed to comply with your community’s floodplain management regulations and they are now telling you need a permit, after the fact.

We offer a full range of services to determine that you are properly rated and offer suggestions to lower premium rates. Maybe your Mortgage Company has notified you that you are now in a flood hazard area and you disagree; I can help you through appeal process with FEMA to remove the requirement to comply with the mandatory purchase of flood insurance. No matter what your floodplain development project needs are, U.S. Flood Solutions LLC, has the experienced staff and resources to provide a successful result. Building or renovation of floodprone properties adds a myriad of complex permitting, siting and safety considerations. Our broad experience base provides us with the ability to service clients’ needs in every phase, at every level of need through any construction project located in or near a flood hazard area or body of water.

Flood Insurance

The NFIP is a complex insurance program that does not follow the normal underwriting rules and there is a greater chance for a mistake having been made when your policy was initially written. I analyze all the information that went into your initial flood insurance application and underwriting decisions to make sure you are paying the lowest possible premium. My clients have received refunds as much as $4,300.

Certifications, Flood Maps, and Appeals

We can complete elevation certificates needed for the purchase of flood insurance. Let us help you determine  if you qualify for a map appeal or amendment to remove the mandatory purchase requirement for flood insurance.

Mitigation Services

We provide services including assisting with:

Please contact us and let us tell you more about the services we can provide.

Site Selection

Development in some areas of the floodplain maybe prohibited, costly or in coastal areas, the availability of federal-backed flood insurance may be denied. We can provide many services related to the construction planning of your building within a Flood Hazard Area. Our specialists can work with you and identify critical site selection factors such as required setbacks, flood hazard reduction, engineering and surveying services and the availability of other services critical to successful construction of your project. Whether you own and control the property now, need assistance gaining control or even need someone to find a site for you, we have experts available to assist you throughout the process.

Design Services

U.S. Flood Solutions, LLC has strategically aligned itself with experienced engineering and surveying firms.  These firms are dedicated to designing projects to meet your needs, and financial requirements, while complying with floodplain management regulations. Our professional relationships provides for the seamless delivery of design and construction services. This integrated approach results in accelerated time frames for both design and delivery of projects providing the best value for our clients. Our clients may also have a preference for an architectural, engineering or surveying firm they have worked with in the past or have received a recommendation for their services. U.S. Flood Solutions, LLC has worked with a variety of professional firms with all experience levels, which enable us to easily integrate our team with other quality professionals.

Pre-Construction Services

During the pre-construction phase, U.S. Flood Solutions, LLC provides detailed information of the regulatory requirements that must be met along with customized options to meet those requirements, taking into account clients desired outcome and budget. We work with you and the local community permitting office to ensure timely project approval and address and design and construction hurdles that must be met. Engaging sub-contractors is done through a comprehensive process which incorporates experience and the most current local construction economics.

Construction Management Services

U.S. Flood Solutions. LLC  approaches every project with professionalism and a dedication to the client’s satisfaction. In the construction phase, the U.S. Flood Solutions, LLC team works together to provide a strong project team by delivering on-time and anticipating roadblocks. As team players, they understand the client’s needs and focus on quality and scheduling. During construction, we provide effective oversight management techniques to ensure that the floodplain planning, design, and construction requirements are met. These projects can be highly complex and costly mistakes, related to the floodplain management requirements, can lead to costly time delays, reconstruction and mitigation expenses and/or increased flood insurance premiums. Few owners maintain the staff resources necessary to pay close, continuing attention to every detail — yet these details can “make or break” a project. As construction managers we often augment our client’s staff or contractor’s with pre-planning, design, construction, and engineering services to ensure the most favorable project results possible. In addition, we are experts at working with our client’s architects and engineers and/or any other professionals working on behalf of our clients.

Community Services

Some communities issue few development or building permits in the floodplain. This occasional task does not warrant a fulltime staff person or staff may lack the expertise or resources to properly review and permit development. You might need assistance trying to figure out what avenue to take to help make their community disaster resilient or with the Community Rating System. We are here to help. Give us a call and let me know what your needs are.

Training & Speaking

We conduct training and accept opportunities for engage you peers on the National Flood Insurance Program and floodplain management, mitigation or insurance related topics. Please contact us for more information.

Litigation/Litigation Support

We have experience testifying at trials regarding floodplain management practices and can serve as an expert witness for you. Please contact us if you need our services.

Being involved in floodplain management with government and private sectors gives Lisa has a tremendous understanding of all aspects of flood issues, making her one of the few in the country that can see and understand different viewpoints and objectives of the parties involved. Being at many of her seminars and working with her first hand on specific projects she is the GO TO person with small or large complexities.

Dennis G. Johns
PLS President Carolina Surveying Services, Inc.