About U.S. Flood Solutions

U.S. Flood Solutions, LLC, was formed as an offspring of  Lisa S. (Jones), CFM LLC due to the overwhelming demand for broader services and at the encouragement of satisfied clients.  U.S. Flood Solutions LLC is proud of its strong reputation of quality service while providing a diversified range of professional flood hazard related services.

Floodplain Management, and its related disciplines are complex and require  specially trained professionals who are experienced with the myriad of government regulations that must be complied with.  At U.S. Flood Solutions, LLC, we maximize the use of our business relationships with the top professionals for the job, resulting in a time and cost savings to our clients.

Our Mission

To deliver efficient and accurate service to our clients with great emphasis on thorough communication, ethics, integrity, public safety, and exceeding technical standards. It is our intention to produce quality results that reflect the client’s desire and best interest.

Our Vision

To provide a unique combination of industry services, utilizing 25 years of my professional experience in Floodplain and Emergency Management, having served the public as both the Assistant NFIP Coordinator in North Carolina and as the State Coordinator of the Flood Mitigation and Risk MAP (Flood Hazard Mapping) Programs in South Carolina.  Credentialed as both a Certified Floodplain Manager and Associate in National Flood Insurance, Lisa is uniquely qualified to guide clients through a multitude of floodplain construction development, redevelopment or renovation options, taking into account the flood insurance rating implications or consequences for those options. Taking time to listen and understand our client’s exact needs and communication are always of primary importance and a cornerstone of the company’s foundation.

Primary Market

United States of America

Lisa is a very positive person with a great attitude and work ethics. She takes her profession seriously and is very knowledgeable of the facts and details of her work. She is well respected in the industry for her abilities and experience. She is has always been firm with decisions but also very fair. She works toward the end results for a better solution for all involved. It has been a pleasure knowing and working with her over the past 10+ years.

Donny Phipps, C.B.O., CFM
Director of Building Codes & Inspections at Richland County